Native Plant Nursery, Landscaping and Restoration Services

Wintercreek is a full service landscape and nursery company working exclusively with native plants of the dry land west. We offer services in area planning, landscape design and installation, restoration and revegetation, planning, consultation, plant surveys, seed collection, custom growing, and project management.



Wintercreek Nursery has been providing locally grown high desert native plants for over two decades.  We focus on preserving local genetic stock, and propagate the majority of our plant material from locally collected seed or cuttings. We are open to the public from March through October.


Environmental Consultation, Habitat Restoration, & Landscaping

We provide consultation. design, and project management in the rapidly expanding field of ecology-based landscapes, land management and conservation, and environmental restoration. Ecology based landscapes emphasize the relationship between human values, urban development, and ecological function to create truly sustainable landscapes in urban environments. We also provide complete construction services of select projects for clients desiring a unique landscape that contributes to the ecological health of our region.  Our focus on the environment of specific sites, soil health, and ecological function gives us a perspective unique in the landscaping and land management industries.


Asclepias speciosa

Asclepias speciosa

Penstemon deustus

Penstemon deustus

Why Go Native?

The use of native plants offers many benefits over conventional landscapes.  Native plants are adapted to local environmental conditions such as soils, nutrient levels, precipitation amounts and patterns, and temperatures.  This characteristic translates to decreased water use, lack of need for fertilizers or artificial inputs, increased ability to withstand drought and heat or cold temperatures, and minimal maintenance requirements.

In addition, the use of native plants in created landscapes creates a sense of place – a sense of connection with the natural environment often lacking in conventional landscape design.  Part of that connection comes from developing habitat for other living things such as native pollinators, birds, or wildlife.  By creating a welcoming space for all things, we provide an opportunity for natural processes to be restored or regenerated and improve the health of humans and everything we depend on for our well-being. 


Our mission is the conservation of native plant communities throughout the west. We accomplish this through the restoration of disturbed areas, promotion of native plant landscapes, and responsible management of existing natural areas.