Front Courtyard, Bobrick Residence, Bend, Oregon

Front Courtyard, Bobrick Residence, Bend, Oregon

Restoration and Landscaping Services

WinterCreek provides a wide range of services for clients interested in preserving or restoring the beauty and function of managed landscapes. We work to re-establish the ecological function of properties while providing aesthetic elements desired and expected in our personal spaces. Our projects vary widely, from pure restoration or rehabilitation of natural areas to design and construction of urban landscapes, but each of our projects is uniquely designed to work with the ecology of specific sites to maximize success and minimize maintenance requirements. Our approach to created and managed landscapes is uncommon, some of our techniques and methods are different, and our completed projects make us unique in the landscape industry. We are not your conventional landscape company.


WinterCreek provides consultation for projects of all scales. Our approach blends a practical background in landscape construction with an academic background in theory and research to provide guidance and advice that works. We have provided collaborative planning for conservation of natural areas in resort development, restoration efforts, and land management for projects ranging from urban yards to properties measured in square miles.  Our wide range of knowledge, from wildlife conservation to urban ecology, gives us the ability to approach every consultation project with a focus generally not found in the landscaping industry.


WinterCreek offers complete CAD based design, material takeoffs, cost estimates, plant lists, Best Management Practices (BMP's) for maintenance of our unique landscapes, perspective drawings as requested, and many other services. Our formally trained on-staff designer is well versed in every aspect of landscape architecture and available to meet directly with clients to discuss project objectives, needs, and options to meet both the aesthetic and ecological elements of a project. 

All of our designs strive to create functional beauty; balance without symmetry. And all of our designs are intended to re-establish the ecological function and health of a site while providing the aesthetic component desired by many of our clients.  Our work is outstanding for our ability to create beautiful, ecologically functional spaces.


Our crews provide complete landscape installation services including irrigation systems, grading, hardscapes, etc.  incorporating many unique practices designed to re-establish or enhance ecological function.   But our practices apply equally well to full scale restoration projects at any scale in a wide variety of environments.  We specialize in dryland ecosystems, but work extensively in wetland construction or rehabilitation, riparian communities, and transitional environments.  

Our experience blending ecological restoration theory and practice with created environments results in a rare approach to landscape construction - one that works with the site to create a beautifully functional and efficient landscape.


Full presentation graphics are available for clients requiring a more visual representation of a conceptual design.  Our landscape designer creates 3D imaging and artists renditions utilizing the latest in CAD based software.

We recommend this service for large-scale projects, area plans, or for work requiring a formal presentation and review.  Our designer is available to review these options directly with clients.